How Much Does U Haul Pay Customer Service Reps?-(Your Full Guide)

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U Haul is a company that offers moving and storage services to customers throughout the United States.

The company is well known for its do-it-yourself moving options, which allow customers to pack and transport their belongings themselves.

U Haul also has a wide range of rental trucks and trailers to choose from. In addition to its moving services, U Haul also offers storage units for rent.

So, how much does U Haul pay customer service reps?

How Much Does U Haul Pay Customer Service Reps?

Based on ratings from 9895 people working for U haul, customer service reps are paid fairly.

According to the indeed.comOpens in a new tab. review site, here is a list of salaries depending on the different categories of reps.Opens in a new tab.

Bilingual Call Center Representative $13.50 per hour
Bilingual Customer Service Associate $13.94 per hour
Call Center Representative $16.00 per hour
Collection Representative $12.49 per hour
Counter Person $8.94 per hour
Customer Advocate$40,000 per year
Customer Assistant $27,136 per year

Customer Assistant
$27,136 per year
Customer Care Manager$15.49 per hour

Customer Care Specialist
$18.01 per hour

Customer Representative
$9.14 per hour

Customer Service Manager
$12.30 per hour

Customer Service Representative
$13.48 per hour
Customer Service Technician $12.15 per hour
Customer Specialist $16.27 per hour
Customer Support Representative $19.60 per hour
Table1:How much do U-Haul Customer Service jobs pay?
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Do you receive overtime pay for your role at U-Haul?

In a study conducted by Indeed, approximately 1,080 current and former U-Haul employees were surveyed about the company’s stance on overtime.

There is no overtime, was the most frequently offered response. 50% of respondents who were questioned about overtime pay rates indicated that there were none.

How often do you get pay raises at U-Haul?

How Much Does U Haul Pay Customer Service Reps?

Over 1,234 present and former U-Haul workers were questioned by Indeed about how frequently they got wage hikes while working there. The majority of respondents answered there is no predetermined time frame for receiving a raise.

Do you get paid sick days at U-Haul?

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Over 2,153 current and past workers were questioned by Indeed about the number of paid sick days they were entitled to in their position. 41 per cent of respondents who were asked if their paid sick days reset annually replied that they did.

How Much Does U-Haul Pay to Work from Home?

On its employment website, U-Haul doesn’t disclose the precise amount it pays.

According to U-Haul, part-time remote sales and reservation agents might make an average of $20–$30 per hour.

According to glassdoorOpens in a new tab.; the estimated total pay for a Work From Home Agent at U-Haul is $27 per hour.

How Much Does U-Haul Pay to Work from Home?

U-Haul Career Benefits

These are the benefits they offer part-time employees:

  • Medical Reimbursement Indemnity Plan
  • Rx Savings Plus Discount Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Discounts on computers, hotels, and more
  • 24-hour physician available for children
  • Vision Plan
  • Retirement Savings 401(k) Plan

How Much Does U-Haul Pay 14-Year-Olds?

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One of U hauls requirements for employment is 18+ years old. Among Uhauls jobs, there is driving U haul truck which will require you to have a valid driving license, acquiring this license needs you to be 18+ years.

Therefore, U Haul doesn’t offer jobs to 14-year-olds.

How Much Does U-Haul Pay Per Hour?

Instead of charging by the hour, U-Haul bills by the day. A one-way rental’s cost is determined by the size of the vehicle and the distance covered.

Additionally, there are extra fees for items like mileage, gasoline, and insurance. There might be an extra cost if you pick up your rental from a U-Haul facility.

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Is it Hard to Work at U-Haul?

U Haul is a company that many people aspire to work for because of the benefits and opportunities it provides. However, some people wonder if it is hard to work at U Haul. The answer to this question depends on the individual and their job requirements.

There are some positions within U Haul that may be more difficult than others, but for the most part, it is not hard to work at U Haul. Employees are given the opportunity to grow and advance in their careers, and they are also provided with health insurance and other benefits. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, U Haul may be the right company for you.


In conclusion, U Haul pays its customer service reps a competitive wage and provides good benefits. This makes for a positive work environment and happy employees.

If you are looking for a customer service position, U Haul is a good company to work for.

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