Lowe’s Return Policy Without Receipt- (Dead Plants, Appliances & After 90 days)

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If you’re planning on returning an item to Lowe’s without a receipt, you’ll want to be aware of the store’s return policy. Here’s what you need to know. Lowe’s will return items without a receipt for store credit only. The amount of store credit you’ll receive will be based on the item’s current selling price. If you’re returning an item that was purchased with a credit card like a grillOpens in a new tab., the refund will go back to the card.

What is Lowe’s Return Policy Without Receipts In 2023?

As of 2023, Lowe’s return policy without receipts is as follows: Customers can return products at Lowe’s even if they don’t have a receipt. However, to make a return without a receipt, you must have a valid ID, the original payment method, and your phone number ready.

For returns without a valid receipt, Lowe’s, at its discretion, may issue an in-store credit for the item’s current selling price.

If you are a MyLowe’s member, you can digitally save all your receipts at Lowe’s.

Lowe's Return Policy Without Receipt
Lowe’s Return Policy Without Receipt

Are there any Exceptions to the 90 days?

Yes, here are a few exceptions to this rule;

Holiday Season Items – Must be returned on or before the day of the holiday (e.g., Christmas). Items purchased after the holiday are final sales, and no returns will be accepted.

Outdoor Power Equipment –  Must be returned in “like new” condition with proof of purchase within 30 days of purchase. They should be unused and should be in original, unopened packaging.

Major Appliances -They Should be returned in ‘like new’ condition with proof of purchase within 30 days of purchase or receipt.

Trailers – 30 days.

Liquid Paint-30 days

Plants – 1 Year

Most of the information on this is covered below.

Non-Refundable Items

  • Labour and installation charges
  • Delivery and/or Lowes.com shipping charges (unless due to Lowe’s error)
  • In-store credits, refund cards and merchandise cards
  • Any gift card, including Lowe’s, third-party, Visa® or MasterCard gift cards
  • Masks: Safety masks or facial coverings of any kind are no longer accepted for return or exchange.

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Can Lowe’s Reprint Receipts?

It’s always frustrating when you lose a receipt for an important purchase. Whether you need it for warranty purposes or to return an item, not having a receipt can be a headache. So, can Lowe’s reprint receipts?

No, Lowe’s is not able to reprint receipts. The store relies on an electronic system that doesn’t keep track of customers’ purchase history. However, there are a few ways that you may be able to get a copy of your receipt.

If you used a credit or debit card to pay for your purchase, you can try contacting your bank or credit card company. They may have a record of your transaction that they can provide to you.

Additionally, if you have a MyLowe’s account, you can record your purchases online by using your card or account when you make a purchase.

These receipts can be used for your return either by printing them yourself or showing them to the associate at the store.

If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a MyLowe’s account on Lowe’s website. The process is free and comes with a lot of benefits.

How Strict is Lowe’s Return Policy?

Lowe’s return policy enforcement depends on the management of the store in question.

However, if you paid in cash and you don’t have a receipt, the store perhaps will offer you store credit for the return.

The in-store credit will be the item’s current selling price if it is currently on sale.

All this is entirely up to the management at the lowes store.

Can You Return Items Bought In-Store via the Mail?

It used to be that you could only return items bought in-store by bringing them back to the store. Now, many stores are allowing customers to return items by mail.

Because you won’t have a prepaid shipping label, you’ll have to call Lowe’s directly at 1-800-445-6937 to initiate the return process. Once the store receives your return, they will process it and send you a refund.

There are some things to keep in mind when returning items by mail. Make sure you send the item back as soon as possible so you don’t miss the deadline.

Exception: Items that use or contain flammable liquids, gases, or other hazardous compounds cannot be returned via mail for safety concerns, even if these materials have been removed from the item. Please bring such products back to your local Lowe’s. Lithium battery items must also be returned to your local Lowe’s store.

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Does Lowe’s Have a Return Policy on Appliances?

Yes, Lowes has a straightforward policy on appliances.

Appliances that are undamaged, factory-sealed packaging and/or purchased with a Lowe’s Commercial Account (LCA), Lowe’s Business Advantage (LBA), Lowe’s Advantage Card (LAC), Lowe’s Business Rewards (LBR), Lowe’s PreLoad Card (PreLoad) or Lowe’s Lease to Own (LTO) are returned within 30 days of purchase.

If the appliances are used, then the 48 hours Return policy applies and return must be initiated with Lowe’s within 48 hours of delivery or the time of pickup at a Lowe’s location.

Lowe’s Return Policy on Dead Plants

Lowe's Return Policy on Dead Plants
Lowe’s Return Policy on Dead Plants.

Lowe’s return policy on trees is pretty clear. A receipt is required for the replacement of any tree, shrub or perennial purchased at Lowes within 1 year of the purchase date.

You must bring in both the plant and the receipt. Even if the plant is dead, you have to bring it in. Lowes doesn’t care how it died but needs to see that it is really dead.

The Lowes 1-year plant guarantee is ONLY on perennials, not annuals.

Home Depot has a similar plant replacement guarantee.

What’s about Defective Items After 90 Days?

If your goods or appliance has a manufacturing issue after your 90-day return period has passed, you might still be eligible for some relief.
To make a factory-certified service appointment, simply call Lowe’s at 1-888-77-LOWES.
You won’t be charged anything if the repair is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is Lowe’s Return Policy for Gift Cards?

Lowe’s Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash unless required by law.

Lowe’s Return Policy on Paint

Liquid paint must be returned within 30 days of receiving the product and must be unused and in original, unopened, undamaged, factory-sealed packaging.


In conclusion, Lowe’s return policy without receipt is very lenient and easy to follow. There are a few restrictions, but overall it is a great policy for customers. If you have any questions, be sure to ask a Lowe’s employee for help. Thanks for reading!

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