Can you rent a car with an ignition interlock license: what should you beware of?

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Can you rent a car with an ignition interlock license? Infractions involving drunk driving or driving while intoxicated (DWI) are typically punished with interlock requirements. A breathalyzer called an ignition interlock device (IID) is put in a DUI offender’s car.

Before starting the car, the driver must blow into the gadget to check their blood alcohol content (BAC). The automobile won’t start if the blood alcohol content is over a certain level.

can you rent a car with an ignition interlock license
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Renting cars by people with DUI/DWI charges

In addition to refusing to lend to anybody with an interlock limited license, car rental companies do not own any vehicles with any ignition interlock device installed.

This implies that you won’t be able to hire a car from any rental company if you need an ignition interlock device need.

For individuals who depend on rental cars for transportation while traveling or while their own vehicle is being repaired, this might be a significant inconvenience. It is against the law to lend or hire a car to an interlock restricted driver, without an ignition interlock device installed.

Even if you know someone ready to give or rent you an automobile, they can be subject to repercussions due to their actions.

The regulations governing an ignition interlock device usage specify who must have one fitted, for how long, and what the conditions of the restricted driving program are in each of the 50 states.

Additionally, they specify what will happen if someone intentionally assists an interlock-restricted driver in operating a vehicle with an interlock installed. Most of the time, it is against the law for someone to lend you or rent you a vehicle that is not IID-equipped. If they did, this individual may be charged with a misdemeanor, pay a fine, or even lose their job, in the instance of an employee of a rental company.

What can I do without a car?

Using public transport – for people who reside in cities with effective public transportation systems, using public transportation may be a practical and cost-effective choice.

You can go where you need to go via the buses, trains, and subway systems in many cities.

It is crucial to prepare ahead and review timetables.

Using ride-sharing services – the brand name depends on the area are readily accessible and can be a viable choice for people who need to go farther or more rapidly. These kinds of services provide a practical and frequently inexpensive method to travel around without a car. Just keep an eye on price fluctuations, which can make rides more expensive during rush hours or periods of high demand.

Asking someone for a ride – you might ask a friend or member of your family for a ride. It’s important to be respectful of their time and offer to compensate them for their help.

This could include offering to pay for gas or returning the favor in the future.

Overall, there are several alternatives to driving for transportation, so carefully weigh your options before choosing one. You may save money, lessen your carbon footprint, and travel securely and effectively by using public transit, ride-sharing services, or asking friends or family for a trip.

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The lack of automobiles from rental car companies that contain an ignition interlock deviceOpens in a new tab. (IID) might make it challenging to hire a car if you have an interlock device need. Additionally, it is against the law to lend or hire a car without an IID to an interlock-restricted driver.

It is crucial to prepare ahead of time and take into account either alternate modes of transportation or setting up an installation appointment. If you have any concerns about your capacity to comply with your interlock obligation, it is advised to refrain from driving entirely since you might face significant legal repercussions. Keep in mind that safety should always come first.


Can you rent a car with a restricted license in Florida?

No, rental car companies do not have any vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device (IID) and will not rent a car to anyone with a restricted license or driving record under the ignition interlock program.

Can I rent a car with a DUI in California? Are there law exceptions for rental companies?

Under no circumstances will you be able to rent a car from any rental car company if you have had DUI charges in the past few years, even if you now have a regular license.

Can you get around an interlock?

It is illegal for someone to loan or rent a car to an interlock-restricted driver that is not equipped with an IID. Some alternatives to renting a car include using public transport, ride-sharing services, or asking a friend or family member for a ride.

Do I have to get an interlock device if I don t own a car in Texas?

I don’t mean a rental company.

If you have an interlock requirement, you will need to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in any vehicle you operate, even if you don’t own it.

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