Does Avis take chime credit card: Guide 2023-2024

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Does Avis take chime credit card? Are you already planning a vacation or an important trip for work, but realize that now it is more convenient for you to rent a car? Not a problem, you think. You have a Chime card in your wallet, and an Avis car rental business card in your pocket. This is a sign of fate and you are sure you can now come to the company and rent any car.

But don’t be so sure, let’s first consider the question of whether companies accept Chime cards.

In this article we will take a more global and detailed path and look at does Avis accept Chime debit card and whether Avis accept Chime credit cards because there are cases when even the Visa or Mastercard logo matters.

does avis take chime credit card
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How confident are you in using a credit card?

If you’re worried about problems when accept Chime credit cards or about credit identification, do not worry!

Avis, one of the popular car rental companies, is pleased to confirm that they readily accept Chime credit card.

If you’re in the process of planning a trip and need to rent a car, it’s essential to determine if Avis car rental accept Chime credit card as a valid form of payment.

The excellent news is that Avis is one of the eligible cards that accept Chime credit cards. This helps you to rent a car in a budget car rental company as seamlessly as possible.

Now you know that Avis accept Chime credit card, so you can be confident that your payment with a valid credit card will smoothly go through without any issues.

Chime, is one of the leading car rental companies’ preferred eligible cards supports. You won’t have to worry about penalties for late payments ever again!

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Leveraging Chime’s user-friendly mobile app and eligible cards supports, you can conveniently make payments if you plan to rent a car with just a few taps and schedule them in advance, enhancing your financial planning.

Why their app is so cool?

Because the app offers a comprehensive payment history when you rent a car or make other purchases.

Chime and Avis make managing your finances and renting a car with Chime credit cards more straightforward and efficient than ever before.

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What about debit cards?

It would not be amiss to consider the question does Avis accept Chime debit cards? It’s important to note that the acceptance of various payment methods may vary at different Avis locations.

According to the official statement and different Avis locations, it does generally accept Chime debit cards, including builder cards.

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It’s worth mentioning that not all branches in different Avis locations are equipped to process Chime cards. Therefore, the acceptance of your Chime card at your local Avis location cannot be guaranteed.

Certain vehicle types at Avis may not accommodate Chime debit cards as a payment method.

To avoid any inconvenience with your Chime card when you have a deal with the Avis car rental company, we recommend reaching out to the Avis location manager in advance to inquire about their supported payment methods.

If you’re wondering whether Avis accepts Chime cards, it’s advisable to review the Avis Debit Card Policy on their official website for comprehensive information.

Avis accepts a range of payment methods, including American Express, AT&T Capital, China Union Pay, Diner’s Club International, Discover, GE Capital, JCB, MasterCard, Sears, and Visa. Chime debit cards are powered by Visa, so Avis should, in principle, be able to accept them.

Based on user feedback and reviews, it appears that the acceptance of Chime debit cards can vary from one Avis location to another.

To determine if your nearby Avis car rental company accept Chime credit card as a payment option, we suggest contacting them directly.

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Can I use Chime credit to rent a car?

Avis, a widely recognized rental car company with a global presence spanning numerous nations, embraces a variety of credit cards for standard payment procedures, notably including Chime credit card — a practice akin to most other car rental companies.

Can you rent at Hertz with Chime credit card?

Let’s find out does Hertz accept Chime cards. Hertz Car Rental presently does not extend its approval to Chime Credit Cards or Chime Debit Card across a significant number of its branches.

According to their official policy and information from Hertz customer service, the company readily embraces major VISA debit and credit cards as a standard payment method. Also, they say that the companies accept Chime card. Nonetheless, numerous individuals have reported instances where their Chime credit card was declined by Hertz without any credit identification, sparking notable debate.

Despite a lack of concrete official affirmation on Hertz’s website regarding the acceptance of Chime credit cards, this information has been verified through responses provided via their Twitter account.

Should you happen to locate a Hertz branch that does, in fact, welcome Chime, it is wise to exercise caution regarding the sizeable pre-authorization holds imposed.

Hertz mandates a pre-authorization hold of $500 for debit cards before granting access to their rental fleet. If you plan to use the Chime Credit Builder Card, the holding charge remains substantial, amounting to $200.

Does Avis accept prepaid cards?

Avis typically does not accept prepaid cards if you want to rent a car. If you want to rent a car in Avis, generally prefer credit cards or traditional debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo for payment.

Where is Chime credit card accepted?

Chime Credit Cards, like other major credit cards, are typically accepted by a wide range of merchants and businesses. Chime partners with Visa to issue its credit cards, which means they are accepted wherever Visa cards are commonly used. If you rent a car and understand that Avis accept Chime credit card and Debit ones you may want to know where can you use it else.


1. Retail Stores and Chime cards. You can use your Chime credit card at retail stores, both online and in physical locations.
2. Restaurants and Chime cards. Chime credit cards are typically accepted at restaurants, cafes, and eateries for dining and takeout orders.
3. Gas Stations. You can use your Chime credit card to pay for fuel and related services at gas stations.
4. Online Retailers and Chime cards. Chime credit cards can be used for online shopping at many websites.
5. Hotels and Lodging and Chime cards. Many hotels, motels, and lodging establishments accept Chime credit cards for reservations and payments.
6. Car Rental Companies. You can use your Chime credit card to rent a car from rental companies that accept Visa cards.
7. Travel and Airlines and Chime cards. Chime credit cards can be used for booking flights and travel-related expenses.
8. Entertainment and Events and Chime cards. You can often use your Chime credit card to purchase tickets for concerts, movies, and sporting events.
9. Online Services and Chime cards. Many online services and subscription platforms accept Chime credit cards for payment.

Please note that while Chime credit card is widely accepted, there may be some exceptions or individual businesses that choose not to accept them.

Additionally, payment policies may change, so it’s always a good idea to check with Chime or the specific merchant if you have any concerns about card acceptance. Today companies accept debit cards and in a month just a credit ones.

What card is better for my rental purposes: the Chime Credit Builder Card or a Debit Card?

It’s important to highlight that you have the flexibility to opt for either the Chime Credit Builder Card or a Debit Card.

Opting for a credit builder card when you want to rent a car can significantly improve your chances of approval compared to using a debit card.

The Chime Credit Builder Card is a secured prepaid credit card; however, unlike many other cards, it restricts your spending to the funds available in your account. This constraint is another factor that might lead to challenges when attempting to rent a car using the Chime Credit Builder Card.

How to find out if a car rental company accept Chime debit cards or accept Chime credit card?

Whether car rental companies accept debit cards or Chime credit cards may depend on the specific location, rental company policies, and any changes in payment acceptance.
To determine which car rental companies accept Chime debit and credit cards, keep reading.


1. Contact Chime and ask do Avis or other rent companies accept Chime debit cards. Contact Chime customer service to find out if their cards are accepted at various car rental companies. They may have information about their partnerships or known locations that accept Chime cards.
2. Check car rental company websites and try to find information about companies that accept debit cards or accept Chime credit card.
3. Find accepted payment methods or contact customer service to confirm if they accept Chime debit and credit cards.
4. Visit online forums and review sites where customers share their experiences or try to find information about companies that accept debit cards or accept Chime credit card. Some customers may have reported whether car rental firms accept Chime cards.
5. Visit Chime’s website and find information about companies that accept Chime cards.

Please be aware that the rules when companies accept Chime cards may change.


Rent-a-car companies like Avis are equipped to accept Chime cards as a viable remittance Opens in a new tab.approach for a rental car. This inclusivity extends to Chime debit cards and Chime credit builder cards.

Avis serves both local and intercontinental travelers along with the Mastercard or Visa branding on Chime card products, as well as the prospective inclusion of China Union Pay.

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