Does U Haul Check Driver License Status?

Does U Haul Check Driver License Status?
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U Haul is a company that rent out vehicles, trailers, and more to people when they need to move. Some people may be wondering if U Haul checks the driver’s license status of their customers.

So, does U Haul check drivers license status? Can Someone with an Interlock only License Rent a U-Haul? How Can I Add Additional Drivers in U-Haul?

All these questions are answered here.

Read this detailed guide to find out everything you need to know before you rent that U Haul.

Does U Haul Check Driver License Status?

Yes, U Haul checks their customers’ driver’s license status. They require a government-issued driver’s license in order to rent their trucks and trailers. This means that they will check your driver’s license status before approving your rental.

However there is a way to get around this. If your license is suspended,you can add an additinal driver so long as they meet the criteria provided.

More on this is explained below!

Why Does U-Haul Need a Driver’s License?

By asking for your license they are doing their due diligence in ascertaining you are legally certified to operate the vehicle before they lease it to you.
Apart from fulfilling the law, they also protect themselves from the troubles of getting compensation from the insurance after an accident.

If they allow an unlicensed driver to operate one of them they can be held liable in the event you had an accident.

Having a valid driver’s license means you’re halfway to getting behind the wheel of a moving truck 


What are the requirements to rent a U-Haul?

In order to rent a U-Haul, you will need a valid driver’s license. Some other requirements may include;

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of current registration
  • Credit or debit card
  • Minimum age requirement

What is the Age Requirement?

U-Haul age requirements depend on whether or not you’re renting a truck or trailer.

  • Renting a moving truck; A driver must be at least 18 years of age
  • Renting a U-Haul trailer; A driver must be at least 16 years of age

What Forms of Identification/ Credentials Do I Need to Rent From U Haul?

You may need to provide two forms of identification, including a driver’s license.

Other valid forms of ID may include:

  • Passport
  • United States issued Identification Card

Take note that this requirements may vary depending on the locations. Independent U-Haul dealers can have various regulations and criteria. Make sure you call your local U-Haul dealer to find out if you’ll need two forms of ID.

Can you Rent From U-Haul With a Suspended License?

The first restriction is that the driver must have a valid license. U-Haul does not rent trucks to drivers who do not have a valid driver’s license.

The second restriction is that the driver must have a clean driving record. U-Haul does not rent trucks to drivers who have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked for any reason other than a physical inability to operate a vehicle. This includes offences such as driving while intoxicated, driving without a license, or reckless driving.

Do I Need a Special License to Rent From U-Haul?

Does U Haul Check Driver License Status?
Does U Haul check driver license status?

Do you need a special rental license to rent a U-Haul from a location in your state?

No, you do notOpens in a new tab. need a special license to rent from U-Haul. In order to rent a truck from U-Haul, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

U-Haul rentals aren’t considered commercial vehicles. This means a commercial driver’s license or special endorsement is not required.

What Can I Do if I Don’t Have a Valid Driver’s License?

If you don’t have a driver’s license, there are still plenty of ways to get around.

For those who lack a valid driver’s license, U-Haul might still provide you with the opportunity to rent one of their vehicles.

Additional drivers can be added by clients of U-Haul provided they meet specific requirements.

The primary driver of U Haul truck can give permission to any other driver to operate the rental vehicle as long as they meet these requirements;

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possesses a valid driver’s license

There is no fee for additional drivers.

To find a U-Haul dealer near you, you can use their official location finderOpens in a new tab..

Make sure you contact their customer service for any inquiries.

Can I rent a U-Haul without a driver’s license and have somebody else that has a driver’s license Drive?

Technically yes, this is mostly done by senior citizens who hired movers.The U haul contract will be in your name but make sure your driver has their license available and handy when you arrive. Because images of the front and back will need to be uploaded to the file before you leave the office.

How Can I Add Additional Drivers in U-Haul?

Does U Haul check driver license status?

If you are a U-Haul customer and need to add an additional driver to your rental, there are a few things you need to know.

First, the additional driver must meet all of the same requirements as the primary driver, including being at least 18 years old.

Additionally, they must have a valid driver’s license and be approved by U-Haul.

To add an additional driver, you will need to provide their name, date of birth and driver’s license number.

You can do this when you reserve your rental or when you pick it up. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact U-Haul customer service.

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Can all U-Haul Trucks be Driven with a Regular Driver’s License?

You do not need a special driver’s license to rent U-Haul equipment. U-Haul trucks are not considered commercial vehicles. Therefore, a commercial driver’s license or special endorsement is not required.

All trucks at U Haul can be driven by anyone with any other driving license since they have a GVWR of 26000 pounds or less.

GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating which is the weight of the vehicle plus the max weight it can safely transport.

Your standard, unrestricted driver’s license allows you to operate a non-exempt single vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of up to 26,000 lbs. and pull a trailer with a GVWR of up to 10,000 lbs. behind it.

Can Someone with an Interlock-only License Rent a U-Haul?

Can Someone with an Interlock-only License Rent a U-Haul?

Yes, you can rent a from U Haul if it is not a motor vehicle. They do not normally have interlock-only vehicles. If you need a U-haul trailer, you may rent it and pull it with your interlock vehicle.

In short, you can rent but not drive. U haul will see the interlock requirement on the licence and just refuse to rent the truck to you.

Sometimes they may not be keen enough and not do an MVR(Motor Vehicle Record) and they will rent you a truck but is it legal?

It isn’t. All the states have ignition interlock laws that are clear on who has to get one installed, for how long and the requirements.

They spell out what happens if someone knowingly helps an interlock restricted driver drive a vehicle that is not equipped with an ignition interlock device.

If you want to rent a truck or one of their automobiles, it is wise to let someone else do the driving. Don’t be tempted to get behind the wheel of a car that is not equipped with an ignition interlock device

What About Other Car/Truck Rentals, Do they Scan your Drivers License?

Yes, well-known car renters like Alamo, Budget, Hertz, and Avis check customers’ driving records through the Department of Motor Vehicles Databases.

In some cases, they generally just check the expiry date and photo likeness and any signs of counterfeiting and just save a copy of the DRL.

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Conclusion-(Summary of Does U Haul Check Driver License Status?)

In conclusion, U-Haul will check to see if you have a valid driver s license before renting a vehicle. They may search your license through your local DMV. This is a good policy to help ensure that only qualified drivers are operating their vehicles.

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