What is Enterprise stolen car policy 2024?

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What if a rental car gets stolen during your trip? What is Enterprise stolen car policy?

Did you ever think about that possibility? And the answer is most likely -No. Travel is exciting and challenging at the same time. It takes time and research to find a perfect destination, figure out the way to get around. Car rental companies offer a variety of vehicles to fit every budget and need to cover your needs, including different types of cars, trucks, and vans, to both individuals and commercial clients. Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a global rental car company with locations in several countries around the world.

Life can be unpredictable and it is always a great idea to check car rental policies prior to your trip. Customer’s signature on the Enterprise Rental Agreement states that the Renter confirms and accepts that he/she has read Conditions, and agrees with them. The Conditions of the rental and the Rental Agreement are considered inseparable.

We never think about possible trouble but what if a rental car gets stolen? What are your next steps? Who is responsible? How to navigate this situation to cover yourself and limit liability? Let’s dive in.

What is Enterprise stolen car policy?

Enterprise has outlined the steps that renters have to take in order to report a stolen vehicle. And it is important to follow them because once you sign the car rental agreement you are responsible for the rented car, any damage, stolen parts and of course theft of the vehicle.

Enterprise stolen car policy is outlined in Terms and Conditions of the rental agreement.

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What are the main steps to follow in Enterprise stolen car policy?

  • The renter must notify the authorities, the rental company, and the insurance provider within 24 hours of discovering that a car was stolen. If a stolen car is not reported within 24 hours, the renter may be held fully responsible and may incur extra fees if the car is not found. Until the rental vehicle is returned, the renter is responsible for it and is liable for any costs or other damages.
  • The Renter must immediately report the police and the company and at police presence fill all the necessary documentation. If the police protocol misses, then the Renter remains fully responsible for the damage.
  • The Renter must keep the Vehicle keys, official documents, remote control and anti – theft system safely. If the vehicle is stolen, the Renter will be required to return all these belongings to Enterprise Rent-A-Car representatives.
  • The Renter must closely cooperate with Enterprise, Police and with the insurance agency to help in the investigation of the traffic accident/loss/vandalism.  
  • If the Renter ignores this clause above and does not fulfill the requirements, he/she will remain fully responsible both financially and legally.

Enterprise also has its protocols for recovering stolen vehicles as a part of the stolen car policy, which include using GPS to monitor the vehicle and working with a third-party recovery agency.

Renters must take the required security measures to safeguard both themselves and their rental vehicles to keep the car in the same condition as it had been at the moment of signing the rental agreement.

Purchasing additional protection products and coverage, provided by Enterprise may be an excellent idea. What are additional Protection ProductsOpens in a new tab. offered by Enterprise car rental company?

  • Damage Waiver (DW) -Damage Waiver is not insurance. The purchase of DW is optional and not required in order to rent a vehicle. The cost of Damage Waiver varies by location and vehicle type. The cost of Damage Waiver varies by location and vehicle type. You can find specific pricing by starting a reservation hereOpens in a new tab..
  • Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) – The purchase of PEC is optional and not required to rent a car. The coverage provided by PEC may duplicate the renter’s existing coverage. Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) is offered at the time of rental for an additional daily charge.
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) – Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) is offered at the time of rental for an additional daily charge. If accepted, SLP provides the renter and authorized drivers with up to $300,000 combined single limit for third party liability claims.
  • Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP) – allows Enterprise customers to waive financial responsibility for chargeable roadside incidents such as lost keys, lockouts and fuel outages. RAP can be added to online bookings at the branch or can be added to a rental ticket at any time. 

What is Enterprise solution to track rental cars, prevent car theft, and recover stolen cars?

Many rental car companies equip their vehicle with GPS tracking systems. These gadgets locate the car using satellite signals and send that information to Enterprise’s central monitoring system. GPS tracking system can be installed for multiple reasons, and one of them is to be able to recover stolen cars. Let’s see what are the benefits of having a GPS tracking system installed on a rental car:

  • Monitoring the rental vehicle in real-time. That can help reduce the chances of car theft.
  • Recovery of the stolen car. Rental car company will be able to act swiftly and recover stolen vehicle. GPS tracking gives the police an easy time combating the crime.
  • Rental car Inventory Management.
  • Rental car driver behavior monitoring. With GPS tracking systems, Enterprise can track and monitor where and when renter breaks the safety protocols.
  • Prevent unauthorized usage. Rental car tracking system allows Enterprise to identify any instances of unauthorized usage of your vehicle.
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What are potential legal and financial repercussions that renter may face if Enterprise stolen car policy is not followed?

The costs a renter may incur might change based on the particulars of the situation, the Enterprise stolen car policy and whether additional protection products have been purchased for the rental, like damage waiver, supplemental Liability Protection, etc. The following are some possible legal repercussions for renters:

Liability for loss and damage of the rental car (if there was no damage waiver point or other coverage in the contract).

If the car is not returned, the renter may be responsible for extra fees like the cost of a replacement vehicle or a fraction of its worth.

Loss of deposit: if the Enterprise car is stolen and not found, the renter can forfeit their security deposit.

It is crucial to remember that these fees, fines, and charges are not all-inclusive and might change based on the particulars of the situation and the Enterprise stolen car policy.

In which cases the rental car insurance has no coverage for the stolen car?

A stolen rental car may be excluded from insurance coverage in several situations. Here are a few instances:

Failure to report the theft. If the renter does not notify the police, the rental location, the insurance company, and the credit card company within the required time limit (24 hours), the insurance agency may refuse to provide coverage for the stolen car.

Unauthorized drivers. The insurance company can decline to pay coverage for a stolen rental car if it was being driven, in violation of the terms of the rental agreement, by an unauthorized driver.

Negligence. The insurance agency may decline to pay for the stolen car if the renter was careless in keeping the car secure.

Policy exclusions. Some personal insurance plans (i.e. Personal accident insurance or Supplemental Liability Protection or Roadside Assistance Protection) may include particular exclusions for stolen car policy.

Wrap up

Life is unpredictable and we can all be careful and diligent about protecting ourselves and our property. But life happens…. No need to panic. Follow the procedures of the Enterprise stolen car policy otlined in Terms and Conditions, assist in resolution of the situation to your best ability, provide documents, information, and cooperate. Don’t forget to follow up and keep your hand on the pulse of the matter. Time is of the essence in reporting the loss!

There are additional products that rental car companies offer for additional coverage in hard situation. Consider getting an additional coverage to keep your mind at ease. Enjoy your trip!!


Can Enterprise find a stolen car?

Yes, Enterprise can help find a stolen rental car in some circumstances.

Does Enterprise use GPS tracking?

Yes, Enterprise rental cars are equipped with tracking devices that allow the rental company to monitor their vehicles.

Do Enterprise rental cars have GPS trackers?

Yes, every rental car is normally equipped with such devices.

Is stealing a rental car grand theft auto?

Yes, stealing a rental car can be considered grand theft auto and may result in felony charges.

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