Enterprise stolen car policy: essential info

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What should it be Enterprise stolen car policy? Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a global rental car company with locations in several countries around the world.

The rental car company rents out a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, lorries, and vans, to both private persons and commercial clients.

To understand what to do if their rental car is stolenOpens in a new tab. and their potential culpability, anybody renting a car from Enterprise should be informed of the Enterprise stolen car policy.

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The main points to know about the theft policy of the Enterprise rental car company

The renter must notify the authorities, the rental company, and the insurance provider within 24 hours of discovering that a car was stolen.

If a stolen car is not reported within 24 hours, the renter may be held fully responsible and may incur extra fees if the car is not found.

Until the rental vehicle is returned, the renter is responsible for it and is liable for any costs or other damages.

To assist in the recovery of the stolen vehicle, Enterprise will collaborate with local law enforcement. It also has its protocols for recovering stolen vehicles, which include using GPS to monitor the vehicle and working with a third-party recovery agency.

Renters must take the required security measures to safeguard both themselves and their rental vehicles to keep the car in the same condition as it had been at the moment of signing the rental treaty.

Purchasing additional protection products and coverage, provided by Enterprise may be an excellent idea.

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What kind of legal consequences can a renter face, in the case of a stolen Enterprise car?

The costs a renter may incur might change based on the particulars of the occurrence, and the rental treaty (i.e. if a damage waiver is included). The following are some possible legal repercussions for renters:

Liability for loss and damage of the rental car (if there was no damage waiver point or other coverage in the contract).

If the car is not returned, the renter may be responsible for extra fees like the cost of a replacement vehicle or a fraction of its worth.

Loss of deposit: if the automobile is stolen and not found, the renter can forfeit their security deposit.

It is crucial to remember that these fees, fines, and charges are not all-inclusive and might change based on the particulars of the occurrence and the rental contract’s provisions.

Equipment to track their cars, prevent car theft, and recover stolen ones

To follow the movement and position of a rented vehicle in real-time, prevent auto theft, and recover stolen vehicles, Enterprise rental car company utilizes a mix of tracking devices and telematics systems.

When the cars are rented, GPS-based tracking devices are frequently put in them.

These gadgets locate the car using satellite signals and send that information to Enterprise’s central monitoring system.

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What steps a renter must commit in the case when the rental car was stolen?

The following actions must be taken if a rental automobile is stolen:

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Call the police. You should call the police right away to report the theft of your rented vehicle. Give as many details as you can, such as the make and model of the rental car, license plate number, and the area where it was last seen.

Contact Enterprise rental car company. The renter should let Enterprise rental car company know about the theft. Give the details of your rental contract, including your rental contract number and the police report number, and your Enterprise coverage.

Contact the insurance company and your credit card company. If you have rental car insurance, you should get in touch with the insurance company to report the theft.

Cooperate with Enterprise rental car company and the police: provide the police report number, your auto policy answer questions, etc.

Take precautions, such as monitoring your credit reports, changing passwords, or alerting your bank or other financial organizations.

Contact Enterprise rental car company once again to make sure that all essential measures have been done.

In which cases the rental car insurance has no coverage for the stolen car?

A stolen automobile may be devoided of insurance coverage in several situations. Here are a few instances:

Failure to report the theft. If the renter does not notify the police, the rental location, the insurance company, and the credit card company within the required time limit (24 hours), the insurance agency may refuse to provide coverage for the stolen car.

Unauthorized drivers. The insurance company can decline to pay coverage for a stolen rental automobile if it was being driven, in violation of the terms of the rental agreement, by an unauthorized driver.

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Negligence. The insurance agency may decline to pay for the stolen automobile if the renter was careless in keeping the car secure.

Policy exclusions. Some personal insurance plans (i.e. Personal accident insurance or Supplemental Liability Protection or Roadside Assistance Protection) may include particular exclusions for theft.

Wrap up

Nobody wants their rental car to be stolen, but if it occurred a renter must understand that he has only 24 hours to commit several steps to avoid legal issues.

Renters may face charges and penalties if their car is stolen, and car insurance may not cover rental theft in certain cases.

Although, most of the rental car theft incidents are resolvable due to the company’s stolen car policy and GPS devices, paying some extra fees to purchase a car collision damage waiver may be a good idea.


Can Enterprise find a stolen car?

Yes, Enterprise can help find a stolen rental car in some circumstances.

Does Enterprise use GPS tracking?

Yes, Enterprise rental cars are equipped with tracking devices that allow the rental company to monitor their vehicles.

Do Enterprise hire cars have trackers?

Yes, every rental car is normally equipped with such devices.

Is stealing a rental car grand theft auto?

Yes, stealing a rental car can be considered grand theft auto and may result in felony charges.

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