How much does Airbnb charge hosts USA: a detailed explanation

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“How much does Airbnb charge hosts?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners who are interested in advertising their holiday rental properties on Airbnb. The better question is “What percentage does Airbnb take from guest bookings?” as hosts are not charged by Airbnb to list their properties. A service fee that Airbnb charges hosts is immediately deducted from the booking total.

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The most frequent inquiries from hosts and guests about how Airbnb establishes its fee structure are addressed in this article, which delves into the specifics of service fees on the platform.

How much does Airbnb charge to list your vacation rental?

Listing a vacation rental on Airbnb is free, but when a guest makes a booking, a host service fee is charged.

What are Airbnb host fees?

Running an Airbnb business can make you feel as though you must share your money with everyone. There are undoubtedly overhead costs associated with your business, such as those associated with your team members and Home Owner Association (HOA) dues. Remember to account for the host fees related to listing on an OTA when calculating your vacation rental numbers.

For the split-fee option, the typical Airbnb host fee is around 3%, however, what if 15% of that amount is missing when you check your account? The percentage of the host service fee that each host will pay will vary depending on the rental home and a couple of other criteria. Nevertheless, we can evaluate the key elements that influence the percentage charged.

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The Airbnb service fees vary significantly based on the host and the type of Airbnb (for instance, there are various rates for Airbnb Luxe and Airbnb Plus). As a host, it’s crucial to keep track of the charges made to your account because it might be difficult to determine precisely what Airbnb service fees are charged.

If your payout doesn’t exactly match your expectations, check the “Airbnb fees breakdown to see what was taken out. There shouldn’t be any typical host-only fee removed from your bookings besides the host service fee, which Airbnb charges hosts.

Location is also very important. The host service fee is 10% if you host your property in Mainland China, for instance.

Your cancellation policy is taken into account by Airbnb when determining the host service fee amount. If you have a stringent cancellation policy, you can anticipate the Airbnb host fees to be about 2% higher than more lenient policies.

There are currently two different types of Airbnb fees to take into account after minor adjustments in 2020. The appropriate kind of Airbnb service fee for you as a host will primarily be dependent on your target market, business model, and how you want the guest booking process to operate. Still curious about Airbnb service fees? Let’s examine the host-only fee and split fee in more detail.

Host-only fee structure

Every time a new host creates an account, this kind of Airbnb host service fee is standard. The entire Airbnb host-only fee is covered by the hosts.

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This implies that while making a reservation, the guest is exempt from paying an additional guest service fee. The host service fee might go as low as 14% or as high as 20%.

Split-fee structure

Hosts usually pay the host fee using the split fee arrangement. The split fee corresponds with the previous Airbnb business model, in which the host and guest split the Airbnb service fee. The guest pays more, while the host only contributes a small part of the entire booking cost.

Airbnb charges service fees to generate a commission. Owners have increased their service fees in response to an increase in Airbnb host fees. Depending on what the location offers, you can find additional guest fees in your booking subtotal, such as a cleaning fee, booking fee, or even a hot tub fee.

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Do you ever question why guests pay higher service fees on Airbnb? Airbnb hopes to draw in more hosts and guests. Guest service fees enable hosts to set a lower nightly fee. This enables locations to accept more reservations.

What happens to the fee if the guest cancels?

If the guest cancels within the stipulated period specified in the policy for the scheduled location, the Airbnb guest service fee is refunded. Nonetheless, there are a few circumstances, in which visitors may choose to disregard a cancellation policy.

Is there a way to avoid the Airbnb service fee?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to circumvent the Airbnb service fee as it is taken directly from hosts’ earnings. Attempting to bypass this fee by exploiting a loophole or hacking the website would be a violation of Airbnb’s terms of use and could result in permanent removal from the platform.

What are additional Airbnb costs?

There are additional costs to consider when hosting an Airbnb vacation rental property in addition to the host service charge.


Another cost that should be considered is clean-up, even though it is not included in the range of fees that Airbnb charges.

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Several hosts decide to employ a cleaning staff to handle the task, however, some prefer to clean up personally after each guest. In either case, hosts must allocate money for cleanup because every new guest deserves to arrive at a spotless home.


Managing a vacation rental requires thoughtful consideration of insurance. Even though there is some protection offered by Airbnb, it is usually preferable to have separate insurance coverage. This safeguards the hosts, their assets, and their visitors.


Stocking up on numerous supplies and amenities is crucial to operating a profitable vacation rental. This covers things like furniture, linens, towels, toiletries, kitchenware, entertainment, and more. The quality of the amenities can be the distinction between a standard rating and a five-star rating, and they play a significant role in the overall experience of guests.


Taxes are another important consideration for hosts. There are unpleasant repercussions if taxes on a holiday rental property are not paid. To keep track of the taxes they owe hosts frequently opt for accounting software or employ an accountant.

How does Airbnb smart pricing work?

It is a service offered by Airbnb and is intended to assist guests in determining reasonable and profitable fees for their lodging.

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Additionally, it enables hosts to assess their prices compared to rivals, thereby developing a competitive pricing structure. The ultimate objective of smart pricing is to increase the host’s profitability by bringing in more reservations.

When Smart Pricing is activated, the cost of your lodging will change on its own based on several variables.

It is typically based on the following five factors:

  • Seasonality
  • The number of people looking for accommodations in your area.
  • How many bookings and views you’re getting
  • Additional amenities that you add or remove
  • Performance of your property’s review

Airbnb won’t divulge all of its secrets, like every algorithm, but it’s safe to infer that it based pricing recommendations on the aforementioned elements. This provides hosts with many critical areas to concentrate on.

Regardless of any price adjustments, the host service fee remains in effect. Property management is still permitted to impose extra guest service fees as they would do otherwise.

To receive a commission, Airbnb requires properties to be rented out frequently. This might be at the expense of hosts, who might use Smart Pricing to establish rates that are lower than they would normally charge. While Airbnb continues to get the same commission, hosts may notice a range of lodging prices for visitors, resulting in inconsistent income for that same property.

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The positive aspect is that you may specify minimum and maximum pricing levels for complete tranquility. New listings should choose this option to increase bookings and maybe receive reviews for their establishment.

It can be time-consuming for hosts who have several listings to set pricing thresholds for each one. To maximize revenue, these owners ought to consider channel management systems.

Channel managers have control over customer feedback, guest interactions, and income management for listings on various websites. Employ a channel manager to handle all of your business’s requirements, including keeping up with Airbnb host fees, in one place.

How does Airbnb charge service fees?

After a visitor has checked out and ended their rental experience, Airbnb releases the money. You will get full payment, excluding any applicable service fee payments. Before giving the owner their money, Airbnb removes the service fee payments from the total amount.

Airbnb vs. Lodgify

It’s important to note that they are quite distinct businesses, so you don’t have to choose one over the other. Many Lodgify users also have holiday rental websites and active Airbnb accounts.

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Since Airbnb is a distribution channel, it is an excellent method to promote your rental because numerous guests who are already looking for lodging in your area will see it.

Lodgify enables owners and managers to build their expert vacation rental websites, accept online reservations and payments, and handle all reservations and queries in one location.

Benefits of managing your Airbnb listing with Lodgify

It can be challenging to manage rental listings and reservations across various websites, particularly if your vacation rental business has its website. You must make sure that all the calendar bookings, pricing, and availability are accurate at all times.

Therefore, how can you simplify management and save time? In addition to directly syncing with Airbnb through API, Lodgify also gives you access to extra features.

Use a single platform for handling several accounts

You and other owners of holiday rentals can use a variety of tools to make your operations more efficient. It’s worth looking into options that let you manage your business from a single platform rather than using various platforms and accounts.

Owners and property managers can use it to manage all of their reservations from one place using an integrated channel manager and holiday rental website.

To guarantee that prices, availability, and bookings are accurate across all of your channels, its channel manager offers two-way API interfaces to Airbnb. You can connect to an unlimited number of accounts, and the monthly fee covers them all.

Rather than switching between your many Airbnb accounts, you can manage everything via Lodgify.

Boost brand recognition

A channel manager enables vacation rental enterprises to reach out to more channels because it saves a lot of time.

More exposure generally results in more reservations, specifically with the enormous amount of traffic your property can receive from being listed on Airbnb. Simply having your house listed on Airbnb enhances awareness of it as guests look through various listings to make a booking. Certain visitors might even feel obliged to visit the official website of your vacation property and book directly.

A channel manager is simply a simple, efficient, and economical tool for a vacation rental company to increase bookings and improve ongoing marketing efforts.

Respond to your guests’ messages

It’s crucial to stay in touch with guests during the booking process or before their arrival. It determines whether you succeed or fail as a host and reveals your personality to your guests. Nevertheless, it can be confusing and difficult if visitors are communicating with you from many websites and platforms.

You won’t get confused with its message integrations. Each conversation you have on Airbnb automatically appears on your account. Similarly, you may get in touch with your Airbnb visitors via your Lodgify account.

In this manner, every message is synchronized to a central platform. If a guest sends you a message through a platform other than Airbnb, such as Facebook Messenger, it will also show up on your Lodgify account in addition to your Airbnb inbox.

Make sure that your channels are consistent

Regularly manually updating your listings on Airbnb and all of your other channels can become tedious and error-prone due to the increased possibility of posting inconsistent prices or advertising incorrect descriptions.

It’s extremely unlikely that a potential guest will proceed with the reservation if they discover incorrect data on your Airbnb listing and the details have changed. They could also consider you to be disorderly and unreliable.

Overbookings and multiple bookings are far more unlikely to happen because Lodgify automatically synchronizes with Airbnb. When a property or room sells on one online channel, the channel manager immediately removes the availability for those dates on the remaining online channels. This prevents any inconsistencies in your listings, and the best aspect is that it’s simple and quick to do.

Why does Airbnb charge service fees?

Airbnb charge hosts service fees to keep the business operating properly. These host fees cover a variety of services and products offered by Airbnb, including advertising on Google and social media, insurance for hosts and their vacation rentals, host training materials, and round-the-clock customer assistance.

How does Airbnb calculate service fees?

The split fee or host-only fee models are used by Airbnb to determine service fees. Other factors also come into play, which is the reason why hosts may experience a higher deduction from their compensation than anticipated.

How to avoid service fees on Airbnb when rebooking?

As said above, using as many different methods as you can to advertise your rental property is essential if you want to draw in a lot of visitors.

Given that you now know how much Airbnb charges its hosts, it would be wise to find out how to minimize these costs. Focusing on recurring reservations is another technique to make sure you avoid paying more for reservations than necessary.

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Why, you might ask, would you want to give Airbnb another round of commission for a repeat reservation? Although Airbnb initially assisted you in locating the visitor, you put in the effort and ensured they had a wonderful time and that they wanted to stay again.

You must gather visitor email information and create a database of past clients.

You can send customized offers for repeat reservations and bypass the commission charged by platforms like Airbnb by creating your database of past visitors.

Becoming independent from Airbnb

A lot of hosts of holiday rentals choose not to rely solely on Airbnb. The following suggestions will help hosts become more independent.

Use a channel manager

A channel manager or property management system (PMS) ought to be used by individuals who have placed their holiday rental property on several different websites so that they can simply manage all of their listings. Double bookings and added stress can result from manually updating several schedules.

Hosts can save a ton of time and headaches by depending on a channel manager or PMS to merge all schedules and keep everything organized. Even inexpensive tools like Lodgify can have a significant impact on the hosting service.

Launch your booking website

When you can make all of your bookings through your website, you can stop worrying about booking costs. The secret is to focus on your current clients. You accomplish this by providing them with details and a deal on booking through your website in the future.

To continue communicating with them, you can gather emails from there. You depend less on such booking platforms as you develop your website for taking reservations.

Launching a dedicated booking website for their vacation rental can be very advantageous for hosts. Instead of stressing about the cost of Airbnb, hosts may give visitors all the information they need and let them make reservations directly from their website rather than through a listing service. By doing so, hosts can avoid paying fees to several listing services while retaining more control over the entire process.

Add vacation rentals to other websites

The easiest option for hosts to get independent from Airbnb is to simply post their homes on several different websites.

What percentage does Airbnb take from hosts?

In addition to any additional fees and cleaning fees, Airbnb gets 10–30% of the daily earnings of the hosts. The payment system determines how much Airbnb charge hosts. The host is required to pay 3% of the total booking price as a split fee. And the guest pays a proportion of the booking subtotal or about 14.2%.

Owners might anticipate paying between 14 and 16% of the booking amount as the host-only fee.

How to See the Host Service Fee on Airbnb?

Airbnb is committed to providing clear fee breakdowns to hosts, allowing them to see the portion deducted from the booking total. This fee is automatically taken from hosts’ payouts, and they can access their Transaction History from their account to review individual reservations, view the payout, and identify the Airbnb Service Fee.

Is Airbnb host service fee 15%?

Every time a booking is approved, Airbnb charges a service fee to hosts. Ordinarily, hosts pay a 3% host fee of the overall cost of the reservation, which encompasses the cleaning fee, the nightly rate, and any additional guest fees. Taxes and Airbnb fees are not included in the charge.

If they select the host-only fee option, which exempts visitors from paying an Airbnb service fee, certain hosts pay host service fees of 14%–16%.

How to Determine How Much Guests Will Pay?

Once reservations are confirmed, hosts can view a detailed breakdown of the pricing. This breakdown can be found in the booking confirmation email and in the reservation details for hosts. It includes all fees and taxes collected by Airbnb, additional charges like cleaning fees, the total amount guests are required to pay, and the payout the host will receive.

Do Guests Know About Airbnb Service Fees?


Guests are informed about the amount Airbnb charges for service fees. The service and cleaning fees are displayed to guests to help them better calculate the total cost of their booking. Additionally, any relevant local taxes are added during checkout.

How much should I charge to host an Airbnb?

Depending on the price structure and payment method you select, hosting an Airbnb will cost money. You must pay a host service fee for every reservation you accept even though listing a property on Airbnb is free.

Depending on whether you choose a host-only fee structure or a shared price with your guests, the host service fee can vary between 3% to 16% of the booking subtotal. The cost is removed from the booking subtotal, which is paid one day after your visitor checks in.

How Much Does Airbnb Charge for Airbnb Experience Fees?

The fees for Airbnb Experiences differ slightly from the regular host service fees. Airbnb usually takes 20% of the experience price as a fee, with some exceptions for experiences with a social impact focus. This fee is deducted automatically from the hosts’ payouts.

How Does Airbnb Collect Service Fee Payments?

Airbnb automatically deducts its service fees from hosts’ payouts. These two charges are applicable under this system:

In most circumstances, the host payout is a 3% Airbnb service fee. The host payout may be more for Airbnb Plus hosts, listings, and hosts that have super strict cancellation policies.

The majority of guests pay a service fee of 14.2% or less.


Airbnb strives to maintain transparency so that hosts can see how much is deducted from the total amount of reservations. The host fee is directly reduced by this fee.

They can also access their Transaction History from their account. They can then check out specific bookings, click on the reservation number, locate the payout, and learn about the AirbnbOpens in a new tab. Service Fee. I hope this guide is helpful.

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