National Under 25 Fee And 6 Ways to Avoid It

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If you’re under 25 and plan on renting a car, you’ll likely have to pay an Under 25 Fee. But why is this fee so important?

For one, the Under 25 Fee helps to offset the increased risk that comes with renting a car to someone who is younger. Statistically speaking, drivers under the age of 25 are more likely to get into an accident than their older counterparts.

So how much is National Under 25 fee?

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about the fee and how to avoid it.

Does National Have a Young Driver Fee?

Yes, National charges an additional young driver fee for those renters under the age of 25.

So, if you’re considering using National, be sure to factor in the cost of the young driver fee when deciding whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

However, there is a way to get around it. More on this is explained below!

Why is National Under 25 Fee Important

National Under 25 Fee

Whether you’re just out of college or still in your mid-20s, chances are you’re not rolling in cash. So when it comes time to rent a car, the last thing you want to do is fork over an extra fee just because of your age.

Young adults are often seen as inexperienced and high-risk when it comes to car insurance. Because of this, they are typically charged higher premiums than older, more experienced drivers.
The under-25 fee is important because it helps to offset the increased risk that young drivers pose.

How Much Is the National Under 25 Fee?

Here is a breakdown of National under-25 fee;

You are required to be 21 years old(Exceptions below) and meet requirements such as presenting a major credit card and a valid driving license to rent a car.

For those between ages (21-24) an under 25 fee of approximately $25 per day is applied to you rental.This price could be higher or lower depending on the rental location.

You can know the exact amount of the under 25 fee in your location by beginning a reservation process.You will have an option of cancelling or confirming the option.

However, there are exceptions to this.


In New York , the minimum age requirement to rent is 18. For renters aged 18-20 a youthful surcharge of $64 is applied and $25 per day for renters between (21-24) years old.

In Michigan at corporate-operated locations, the minimum age requirement to rent is 18. For renters aged 18-20 a youthful surcharge of $42 is applied and $25 per day for renters between (21-24) years old.

For Government personnel, whether civilian or military, the policy is as follows;

For that personnel with a government purchase order or a travel order, they will not be charged an underage fee. The minimum age requirement for this is 18.

Those without a government purchase or travel order, will not be charged an underage fee but the minimum age requirement is 21 except for New York and Michigan states. For leisure rentals, they will be charged an underage fee for those under 25 years old. However, special rates are available for US government personnel after proving affiliation with the government.

Rules at locations outside the US may vary, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions on your online reservation confirmation or on their information page.

Vehicle Restrictions for those under 25

Renters (21-24) years old may be restricted to specific car classes.

They will be permitted to rent from the following classes;

  • Full-Size cars
  • Minivans
  • standard cars
  • Compact cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans.

Requirements to Rent a Car Under 25?

Here is a breakdown of what you will need to rent a car from National if you are Under 25;

  • Meet the renting location’s minimum age requirements. The minimum age to rent in Michigan and New York is 18. For the rest of the U.S, the minimum age to rent is 21. In Canada minimum age to rent is 21.
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Present a major credit card in their name at the time of rental
  • Both the driver’s license and the credit cards should be in the renter’s name.

Can I Have National Under 25 Fee waived?

Yes, National under 25 fees can be waived. In this article, I have covered 6 ways to avoid it. More on this is explained below.

Comparing With Under 25 Fees of Other Car Rental Companies

The table below shows the latest details for each car rental company.

Car Rental Under 25 Fee, 2022

Entrprise Under 25 Fee, 2022

Car RentalOpens in a new tab. companyMinimum Rental AgeVehicle RestrictionsYoung Driver Fee Under 25New York State Youthful Surcharge (21 to 24 years old)New York State Youthful Surcharge (18 to 20 years old)Michigan State Youthful Surcharge (21 to 24 years old)Michigan State Youthful Surcharge (18 to 20 years old)
Alamo21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$25.00$24$64$20$42
Enterprise21 Years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size carsOpens in a new tab.$25.00 $24.50$64.50$19.00$ 40.00
Hertz21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$19$25-35$52$19$42
Avis21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$27$35$84$28$41
Dollar Car21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy through Luxury cars$29$29$41$29$41
Budget21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$27$35$52$27$41
National21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars $25$25$64$25$42
Advantage21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars $25 $25 $25 $25 $25
Sixt21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Depends on location $25- $30N/AN/AN/AN/A
Ace 21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$20$20$50N/AN/A
Fox rent a carOpens in a new tab.21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$20$20$25N/AN/A
Thrifty21 years
18 in Michigan and New York
Economy to Full-size cars$29$29$52$29$41

Most rental companies waive this fee for USAA members from 18 to 24 years old.

Military and government personnel are exempted from the young driver surcharge by most car rental agencies.

Some state that government personnel should prove that the travel is for government-related purposes.

Can You Lie About Your Age On National?

No, you cannot lie about your age on National. During the verification process after signing up, you are required to submit a valid driver’s license. Your license shows your date of birth. So not unless you submit a fake license.

You should also note that National has access to the DMV database. So, if you provide the wrong documents, you will not be approved and therefore you will not use National.

National also needs to be keen in their scrutiny for insurance purposes.

How to Avoid National Under 25 Fee

If you’re a young driver looking to rent a car through National, you may be wondering if there’s a way to avoid the young driver fee. Here are a few tips;

  • Book with Non-traditional Rental Companies

Non-traditional car rental agencies are companies such as Turo, Getaround, Silvercar, and Zipcar.

Unlike most traditional companies, you can get a lower or no youthful surcharge with them.

For Example;


Get around has a price structure that is different from other car rentals. They charge a percentage of the trip price that is different for every age from 19 to 25 years.

AgeUnder 25 fee
245% of trip price
2310% of trip price
2215% of trip price
2125% of trip price
2045% of trip price
1975% of trip price

The trip cost is higher if you are 19 years but reduces as you approach 25.

For Silvercar

Silvercar by Audi is another good option to roll around the hood. It rents SUVs and sedans at Audi dealerships and off-site airport locations. Silvercar doesn’t have an under-age fee in most cases but you must be at least 22 years at the time of rental.

Exception– New York where you need to be 18 years old and pay a $75 young driver fee.

  • Rent Through Carla

CarlaOpens in a new tab., an Online Travel Agency (OTA) that specializes in car rentals can help you find great deals and rates.

They waive under 25 fees for Carla’s “surprise supplier” deals. In this case, you will not know who you will rent from until after you have paid for it.

When you rent from travel agencies such as Carla, you may not be eligible to earn car points, use rental car elite status or qualify for elite status.

Although they have cancellation fees and strict restrictions, it is a good option for those under 25.

  • If possible, Get a USAA membership and Enjoy the Benefits they Offer that Include the Waiver

If you’re a member of the United Services Automobile Association(USAA) and are under the age of 25, your young driver fee is likely to be waived by major rental companies such as Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, etc.

You must be a current or former member of the U.S. military to qualify. This includes active duty, National Guard, and Reserve members, as well as veterans and their families. The fee waiver applies to rentals at participating U.S.-based locations.

  • Ask Your employer, university, or Alumni association for a waiver or a discount code

Some car rental companies have partnerships with universities or employers to provide benefits to their members. Check the benefits section on your school’s website or alumni forum for discount codes or waivers.

This can not only give you the best deals but also waives the underage fee, includes unlimited additional drivers, and adds the damage waiver free of charge.

  • Get an AAA Membership and Rent Through Hertz

Getting an AAA membership and then renting a car through Hertz can help avoid that annoying National under 25 fee. Hertz and AAA have had a long-tenured partnership in the automobile industry.

A waived young renters fee for 20-24 years old is one of the benefits AAA members enjoy. Other benefits are;

  • Save 10% off prepaid gas
  • Add an additional driver for free
  • Save 50% off satellite radio
  • One free use an infant seat
  • Discounts of up to 20% off
  • Tow service
  • Fuel delivery
  • Locksmith service
  • Battery service

If you enroll in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® and you are also a AAA Member, you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Earn points toward free rental days and upgrades.
  • Skip the counter and go straight to your car.
  • Loyalty offers throughout the year e.g Discounts of up to 20% off
  • Add an additional driver for free.
  • Drop the keys and go to return.
  • Choose from a wide selection of cars.

AAA membership fee varies depending on the membership type, location, and level of coverage. It ranges from $59.99 to $119.99 per year.

However, all Memberships include emergency roadside assistance, DMV services, trip planning, and discounts at hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and more.

Take your experience with Hertz to insane levels by becoming an AAA member. Join now.Opens in a new tab.

  • Rent a U-Haul Pickup truck or van

If you don’t require extra seats and want to avoid this National young driver fee, you can get a U-Haul pickup truck. U-Haul chargesOpens in a new tab. a fee of $19.95 per day, plus $0.59 per mile.

U-Haul franchise is available in most parts of the country. Assuming the trip takes 1 week and the distance covered is 100 miles, the U-Haul cost adds up to; $19.95*7 + $0.59*100=$139.65+$59=$198.65. U-Haul does not charge young driver fees.

You can do your math and see if you will be saving something more so if your trip is local.

This can be a great way to save money on that trip and avoid that National young driver fees.

Does National Have Any Other Hidden Fees?

There are some hidden fees that you should be aware of before using the service. This includes;

  • Child seat fee
  • Late return fee
  • Additional drivers fee
  • Return change fee
  • Cleaning fee
  • Admin fees
  • Navigation fee
  • Early return fee

The fees should not be a surprise to you. Make sure you inquire about any additional fees from your agent before that trip.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion,the National car rental Under 25 Fee is an important charge that helps to offset the costs associated with renting to young drivers. This fee is necessary in order to keep rental prices affordable for all customers.

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