How to Avoid Landing on Enterprise Do Not Rent List

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a car rental company with locations worldwide. The company has a “Do Not Rent” list of customers who are not allowed to rent cars from Enterprise. These customers are typically deemed as risks to the company’s business. If you want to avoid landing on the EnterpriseOpens in a new tab. Do Not Rent list, there are a few things you can do.

How to Avoid Landing on Enterprise Do Not Rent List?

  • Pay parking tickets and tolls

If you don’t want to be blacklisted by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you should pay all your parking tickets and tolls. The rental company may send you the bill after the rental period. It might take longer to arrive but they should not be ignored. If you receive such a bill, pay promptly.

  • Pay your bill

Most of the time, renters get into the Do Not Rent list by failing to pay their bills. If you
fail to fulfill the obligation and Enterprise contacts a recovery agency, you will most likely end up on the Do Not Rent list.

  • Don’t drive to an unauthorized region

Make sure you drive within the authorized region in your contract. Make sure you know where you are authorized to operate the car. They will know the region you operated in by checking the speed or parking tickets they will receive.

Most Enterprise locations do not allow travel into Mexico without additional insurance coverage but you can travel throughout US and Canada.

  • Don’t let an unauthorized person drive

If you give the keys to an unauthorized person and Enterprise gets to know, you may end up on the Do Not Rent list. Some of the ways they will know this is if the person gets a ticket or an accident.

  • Don’t drive under the influence

Driving under the influence is very dangerous. If Enterprise finds out this it will get you on the blacklist because you are putting their fleet at risk.

  • Being polite

If you become hostile and aggressive to the Enterprise staff to the extent that authorities have to be called to bring calm, you may end up on the Do not rent list.

If the authorities inform Enterprise that the car you rented was used to commit a crime, you may end up on the Do Not Rent list.

Criminals often prefer to hire rental cars with the idea of abandoning them after the break-in. The driver is responsible for the ticket.

  • Don’t use fake documents

Using false documents such as ID or driving license gives a reason for the rental company to blacklist you. Enterprise will have every reason to believe that if they had rented to you they would not get their car back and they better protect their business by getting rid of you.

  • Follow the rules

If you follow the rules set by Enterprise, there will be no reason to be put on a Do Not Rent list.

  • Offroad driving

Enterprise vehicles need to be driven on good roads-“You may not use the vehicle: Off-road or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle”

If you go against the rules and drive it on unsuitable roads, you may end up on the Do Not Rent list.

  • Fraud

If you use a rental car to commit fraud such as pretending to be in an accident so that you can receive an insurance claim, you may end up on the Enterprise Do Not Rent list.

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Does Enterprise Share a Do Not Rent list?

The rental car market is highly consolidated and is dominated by 3 companies;

  • Enterprise Holdings (Owns Alamo, National, and Enterprise)
  • Hertz Global Holdings, Inc (Owns Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty)
  •  Avis Budget Group, Inc ( Owns Avis, Budget, and Payless)

So yes, Enterprise will most likely share a Do Not Rent list with its sister companies. For example, if you are blacklisted by Alamo you are most likely banned by National and Enterprise.

How Do You Get Put on Enterprise Do Not Rent List?

How to Avoid Landing on Enterprise Do Not Rent List
  • Drive under influence

Driving under influence will certainly land you on this blacklist since you are not only endangering the lives of others but also putting the Enterprise fleet at risk.

  • Use False documents

There will be a reason to deny you the rental car since your intentions are ill. Enterprise won’t give you chance.

  • Be Rude and aggressive to their staff

Being rude and aggressive to the extent that authorities are being called to restore calm is not something that enterprise will take it slightly. It will end you up on the Enterprise Do Not Rent list.

  • Let an unauthorized persons drive your rental car

Let an authorized person drive your rental and you will find yourself on the list. If the person gets a ticket or an accident, Enterprise will get to know and you will suffer the consequences.

  • Dispute your charges

Dispute your rental charges and you can be sure that you’ll get on the list. If you get a cleaning charge, smoking fee, or any penalty, negotiate well with the staff, and if guilty pay the fees promptly.

  • Avoiding paying your tolls and tickets

Avoid the toll charges and parking tickets forwarded to you and you will not rent again from Enterprise. If you change your home address, make sure to leave an address so the mail will be forwarded.

  • Engage in illegal activity

Engaging in criminal activity is a sure way of getting to the Enterprise Do Not Rent list. The driver is the one responsible for the ticket.

  • Violate geographical restrictions

If you go beyond some geographical boundaries without certain requirements, you will certainly land on the list.

You can connect with Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Customer service at (800) 264-6350

How do I get off the Enterprise blacklist?

Pay the disputed amount

The most simple way of getting offOpens in a new tab. the list is to pay the disputed amount

Follow up the matter with customer service and ask them to review your case

You can contact enterprise customer care and plead for a review

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, it is always best to follow the rules set by the rental company in order to avoid being deemed as a risk.

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